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Bad Blogger

Apparently, I really suck at updating all of my blogs.

What have I been up to?

With the launch of Elsweyr, ESO has unleashed not only dragons but also Necromancers! So, being afflicted with altitis as I am, I've made two: Amariel Thorne and Skada Rune-Weaver. Amariel is a magicka vampire DD and Skada will be a stamina (PvP/tankish) DD.

Amariel got married (!!!) to Conquietus, a character of Dom's creation. (We're buddies.)

During the Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood event, I wreaked havoc. Then, I finished the DB questline and gained the title Silencer. I'm not quite done with the Litany of Blood, but I'm pretty close.

That anniversary event released a new indrik berry. The next indrik is on its way and it's the cute ebony one (with a white-blue glow). You can view it in the paddock next to the Impresario, while she's up, anyway. The second berry comes out next week, during the Orsinium anniversary event. I haven't decided if I should start the Orsini…

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