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Is this progress?

It seems as though, as is my MO, I've unintentionally abandoned this blog. Fear not, for I've continued gaming. I've shifted my game priorities and have been focusing on The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) rather than WoW. (My id in ESO is @VeronicaStormborn, add me!)

In the past few months:

We've had a new cat adopt us. On a frigid winter eve in December, we helped a neighbor reunite with her missing cat. That same day, Kismet, who had been hanging around our house persistently, would not let us inside because she was blocking the front door. She insisted on coming in with us. We were extremely hesitant because the last thing we wanted was for her to get sick because of us, for our 'help' to be what ends her life. It's been hella challenging and scary, considering what we went through with Serendipity. We've kept her isolated, vaccinated her and given her a booster vaccine, and just been super careful in general. She appears to have a food sensitivity, so w…

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